The ONfinity CM2 MAX is a fully featured interactive whiteboard system that trans
"The ONfinity IWB system is absolutely fantastic! Its exactly what we need. This allows me to put several in classrooms instead of doing 1 or 2 a year. I can insta
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About us
ONfinity(interactive whiteboard) is a worldwide brand for interactive whiteboard developed and owned by Ontec group ( Ontec International Ltd. and Tallpic Ltd ). Ontec International Ltd is a multinational interactive whiteboard company established by a group of veteran IT industry professionals. Tallpic Ltd is a technical company focuses on inventional technology and applications. Core Competence with over 15 years experience in global IT market, Onfinity is envisioned to create and offer customers our unique products through Electronic Application Technology.
Key business
ONfinity(interactive whiteboard) particularly takes pride in the Portable Interactive Whiteboard which is a ultimate portable interactive presentation system. It can transform any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. It requires no device to be attached onto the projection surface. A true plug and play solution!